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How do I check my Mobile &  Broadband data usage?

How do I check my Mobile &  Broadband data usage?



You can access any part of your usage during a month by going to the Member Login on the front page of our website and following these instructions:


Member Login

Enter your Account number

Enter the password you gave us (if you forget this e mail us and we will resend it)

Click on Login

This takes you to the Customer Portal

Click on Services

In the Drop Down Box click on the service you want eg Mobile or Internet

On the right hand side of the pop up box click on the Red L

The mobile number/s or internet plan will appear

Click on whatever it is you want to check

Call us on 800 729 610 or 09 574 5610 if you need help in accessing this portal.


Awesome Apps

Awesome Apps

We’re constantly trialling and reviewing clever smartphone apps designed to entertain you, keep you fit and make your life easier.

If you’re interested in learning about apps that may be of use to you, please contact us

Using mobile ‘hotspots’

Using mobile ‘hotspots’

No, this is not what happens when you leave your cell phone in the sun for too long!

A hotspot allows you to turn your phone into a mobile WIFI link to the internet via your laptop, tablet or colleagues smartphone – handy if you travel for work, or are working away from the office.

When one of our customers arrived in NZ for the ski season, she contacted Kingfisher Connexions for a landline and broadband connection. As she had an iPhone, we suggested that she should instead make use of its hotspotting capability. We gave her a quick lesson over the phone, and she was all set. Now she can take the internet wherever she goes, and save herself the cost of maintaining a fixed landline and broadband.

If you have a smartphone with a mobile data plan, creating a hotspot is easy! Contact us and we can show you how to set this clever feature up.

My Account Online Portal

My Account Online Portal

Get 24/7 access to your account with our online customer portal. Simply log-in to view your usage and billing information.



Our cell phone plans are personalised and flexible. Better yet, there are no contracts!

You can keep your own number, change your mobile plan as your needs evolve and be assured that any cost savings will wind up in your back pocket – not ours.



As your ISP, we offer a range of fast internet solutions to suit every environment. These include home internet, business internet and mobile internet.


Web and Email Hosting

If you have a domain and use a website and email, then let us look after your place in the cloud. Our simple plan includes many unlimited features proving exceptional value.



Full domain management service available from initial registration to renewal. Choose from a complete range of domains both New Zealand and International.

Phone Lines

Phone Lines

From home phone to business and ISDN lines, we’ve got all of your landline needs covered. We can also provide toll-free numbers, voicemail, transfer services, automated menus, conference calling and more.


Business Lines

When it comes to business phones, this is our bread and butter. Our mission is to provide excellent value with sensational service. It's the difference between us and, well, them.


Home Phone

If we look after your business lines, why not make life simple and let us look after your home phone too? Great value plans the whole family can enjoy.


Toll Free Numbers

Getting an 0508 or 0800 number is a practical way to ensure your customers and potential customers can always reach you, even if you move. 


Business ISDN Basic Rate (BRA)

ISDN 2 is a total solution for delivering high-speed, digital communications to your business, at an affordable price. 


Business ISDN Primary Rate (PRA)

Simply put, it's 30 lines together, and you have the option of renting 10 'bundles' at a time. You can rent 10, then if you find you need more you can upgrade to 20, then 30. 


Phone Systems

From simple call transfers to professionally recorded on-hold messages, a phone system can transform your business. Complete our questionnaire for a free consultation and quote.